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May 24, 2016

How to throw a Memorial Day Animal House themed Toga birthday party!

How to throw a Memorial Day Animal House themed Toga birthday party!
Where: 230 Elm St, Southampton, NY
What we drank: Jaegermeister by the gallon and gourmet jello shots
Kind: Bender
It really all started with a midnight conversation about what would be the perfect birthday celebration for a guy who has spent his whole adult life planning and going to parties full throttle like the characters in Animal House. He is the exact combination of the gusto of Bluto and finesse of Otter, so the theme seem to fit his needs perfectly. 
So here we are with the dream of a toga party for adults not in college, not even close. Would it be possible to find a venue to even host this unholy group? We found the ultimate Delta House, a former Polish Hall in Southampton, NY. When looking for a venue be sure to think of all the worst case scenarios for drunk driving, damage, and most of all I think of the maximum capacity. In order to throw a proper raging party you should be right at the capacity to keep guest rubbing elbows and interacting on a physical level. The next consideration was the music and then decor. A bad cover band can be the kiss of death but a good one, although hard to find can be just the thing to create an unforgettable vibe, we chose the 10 piece band, Decadia from NYC. I later realized that if we were doing this we had to go all the way so I called Otis Day's manager in Los Angeles and negotiated for Otis to fly out and perform just three songs for a reasonable rate and kept that a secret from the birthday boy until it was unveiled at midnight with a frenzied, undulating group of sweaty people belting out the words to "Shout"!
Some of the best and most personal touches were contributions from friends. One of our Santa Barbara college pals created name tags that said Delta Tau Pledge - Damn Glad to meet you, with 250 creative nicknames that a large bottle of Patron tequila had helped the creation of names including "Stiffguy" ,"Twinkie", and of course Flounder" the night before the event. He happily greeted guests in the entry of the hall handing out nicknames and greeting guests, escorting them to the Toga fashioning room for any guests who showed up without a costume (a huge hit). I hired a local seamstress and rented tablecloths of various patterns and shapes for inexpensive and fun togas.
On top of the home made decor which included a full size papier-mâché white horse hung upside down and dripping with white xmas lights as the center chandelier.

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April 04, 2016

How we rocked Art Basel in Miami

How we rocked Art Basel in Miami
Type: Bender or Bonder not for Bambinos

Stay: The Art Hotel Faena, 3201 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, 1 (305) 534 8800
Drink: "The New Deal" a bourbon drink at he FDR at the Delano, 1685 Collins Ave., Miami Beach and of course "Tequila on the rocks" everywhere else.

Wear: Nothing but my stackable Sugarloaf quartz rings 

Fired up about: Moma Party, Mary Boone Gallery, Aquavella Gallery


The first week of December 2015, brought a swarm of international buzz to Miami, Florida.  No longer solely the retirement center of the East Coasters, nor the focal point of the Organized crime world of Meyer Lansky in the 1950s, Miami has come to be recognized as a pulsating, sexy international destination, most especially for the art and design world.

International gallerists, designers and artists flocked to Miami to savor a taste of Art Basel.  Art Basel was skillfully started by 3 gallerists in Basel, Switzerland in 1970, to promote the ambitious vision and hip thinking of the art world. It's now an international fair held in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami. I was really interested in a Barbara Kruger piece from Mary Boone Gallery but had days to drink in all the other goodies by Richard Prince and Wayne Theibaud. 

This past year brought an impressive mix of traffic to Miami. Friday night, following his photography debut at the Fair, Lenny Kravitz dined at Mr. Chow at the W Hotel and then rocked out "American Woman" at 2am at the hotel's club, for collectors such as Aby Rosen. The W, the Edition and the SLS hotels are the places to stay, but make reservations well in advance.  Try to cozy up to your concierge to make certain you can dine at all the party spots. At the Delano, we added a bit of presidential pomp and circumstance to any party we discovered a new cocktail at FDR. Formerly The Florida Room, the subterranean lounge is now run by a new nightlife regime out of Las Vegas and the cocktail menu pays homage to the leader that brought our country out of a dark time. Nothing says relief, recovery and reform like a progressive pour of bourbon.  

I took in a hot Show at the American Airlines Arena, about a month earlier, that JLo performed in with Pitbull.  Then I saw Jenny from the Block at Matador Bar at the Edition.  This is the home to Jean George Vongerichten's sexy and sophisticated, mood-lit restaurant. A chic "see and be seen, under the radar" spot. Don't forget to sip on a glass of Don Julio on the rocks with a splash of fresh lemon juice.  My fave.


Saturday night was for players and invitations only so be sure to do your homework early and call your friends in PR or in hospitality so they can give you the scoop. We piled into the Surf Lodge's André Saraiva's party with special performance by Mickey Madden of Maroon 5, at the Hall South Beach also Casa Bacardi curated by Swizz Beatz, with Pusha-T, DJ Esco, and A-Trak, 35 NE 29th St, Miami. Some of us checked out the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Finale hosted by Russell and Danny Simmons and Rosario Dawson, Beach Tent at Nautilus and finally the MoMA PS1 party, 1685 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.; both by invitation only.

Pre-book your attendance at Art Basel, Switzerland June 16-19, 2016, or Miami December 1-4, 2016.  You'll have to wait for Hong Kong in the spring of 2017.

Remember, party on in style, always remain ahead of the trends and don't ever forget to be fashionably presented.  

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Lenny Kravitz Dale Novick rings

Richard Prince

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